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I found this while I was cleaning up the hard drive. Written last summer, I remember it took me less than an hour to write this I know for a fact that it's poorly organized. It's one of those "pick 2 passages and analyze in 2-3 pages" short papers. I had hoped my professor would send me her comments but all I got from her was a grade. However, this is a topic I've been interested in since we took it up so I just want to know:
1. what you think I should've added to the paper or how I could've made the ideas less abstract (I really had no idea how this all relates to a real issue.)
2. supplementary readings?

Essays used: Barthes' Myth Today, Marx' The Fetishism of Commodities.

here it isCollapse )

A crazy thought that I am just trying out.

I had a crazy thought during metaphysics. The lecture today was about the mind. The lecturer, Lois Caruana (to rhyme with marajuna) said that one possible problem with dualism is that it is difficult to think about something that is non-physical interacting and influencing thephysical. My crazy idea is that possibly, maybe the mind (if it exists) is in another dimension. If a drawing on paper is 2D and something physical and 'real' is 3D, what is something that is not physical? It must be 4D.

I know, it's crazy and stupid, but I thought I would just throw it out there.

Showing off slightly

I got my first assignment back and got 64%! I have not spoken to anyone hwo got a better grade. I am feeling happy and slightly smug (especially considering there are some arrogant arses on my course).

e(U)topian impulse

I've begun a new series of essays on utopian, dystopian, and anti-utopian thought and was hoping to get some feedback.

The e(U)topian impulse (Part 1) - Social Dreaming and Party of Hope

The e(U)topian impulse (Part 2) - a polyphony of voices...

I'll be adding in new essays from time to time over the coming weeks. Hopefully they'll provide some fun, interesting reading even if you do not accept my on philosophical underpinnings. :)


I am procrastinating...

I am supposed to be writing a 750-1000 word summary of Frege's 'On Sense and Reference' but I cannot make sense of it!
So, I will ask this question: Was Socrates a sophist?
I don't think he was. I think that he did not really have any arguments, he was just very good at questioning other people. So he was not really making the weaker argument the stronger, he was more making the apparantly strong argument weak.

Another question: Is being a sophist a bad thing?

As this is fun_philosophy, enjoy some Bill Bailey.
I love Bill Bailey. He is amusing but also intelligent.

So, to begin, some silly questions.
Why do you enjoy philosophy? I like it because it tests my mind and forces me to think in entirely different ways. I was also encouraged to go to the pub, by the principle!
Whats your favourite area,  (if you even have one)? I'm really enjoying logic right now (even if I do find it really difficult!) I also love epistemology.
Do you remember when you first questioned things, on a philosophical level? My mum scared the shit out me when I was really little by telling me that I didn't have a face, because I couldn't see it. She also told me that to see nothing you have to look through your finger. It sound silly,  I know but it really does work!

What fun_philosophy is for

This community is for those interested in philosophy at all levels. It is open for those who have no formal education in Philosophy, but still enjoy reading and thinking about it, and those that use philosophy as a vocation. It is to help people learn, but not be put off by the
clique-iness and sometimes abbrasiveness of other communities. So, enjoy!